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Washington State University Institute for Shock Physics

Recent Publications

  1. Biswas, N., J. L. Ding, V. K. Balla, D. P. Field and A. Bandyopadhyay (2012). “Deformation and Fracture Behavior of Laser Processed Dense and Porous Ti6Al4V Alloy under Static and Dynamic Loading.” Materials Science and Engineering: A 549(0): 213-221.
  2. Che, H., J. Huso, J. L. Morrison, D. Thapa, M. Huso, W. J. Yeh, M. C. Tarun, M. D. McCluskey and L. Bergman (2012). “Optical Properties of ZnO-Alloyed Nanocrystalline Films.” Journal of Nanomaterials 2012(963485): 1-7.
  3. Chen, J.-Y. and C.-S. Yoo (2012). “High Pressure Kinetics Studies of Water Solidification in Dynamic -DAC.” Journal of Physics: Conference Series 377(1): 012109.
  4. Chen, J.-Y. and C. S. Yoo (2012). “Formation and Phase Transitions of Methane Hydrates under Dynamic Loadings: Compression Rate Dependent Kinetics.” The Journal of Chemical Physics 136(11): 114513-114510.
  5. Choudhuri, D. and Y. M. Gupta (2012). “Shock Compression and Unloading Response of 1050 Aluminum to 70 GPa.” 17th American Physical Society (APS) Topical Conference on Shock Compression of Condensed Matter (SCCM) Proceedings, AIP.
  6. Diez-y-Riega, H. and H. Eilers (2012). “UV and 532 nm Photo-Dissociation of 2-Nitrotoluene: Observation of Electronically-Excited NO; Emission from Carbon (I); N2-NO Energy Transfer; and Stabilization of 2- Nitrotoluene-Ar Clusters.” Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics 108(1): 189-196.
  7. Dreger, Z. A. (2012). “Energetic Materials under High Pressures and Temperatures: Stability, Polymorphism and Decomposition of RDX.” Journal of Physics: Conference Series 377(1): 012047.
  8. Dreger, Z. A. and Y. M. Gupta (2012). “Decomposition of Γ-Cyclotrimethylene Trinitramine (Γ-RDX): Relevance for Shock Wave Initiation.” The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 116(34): 8713-8717.
  9. Dreger, Z. A., M. D. McCluskey and Y. M. Gupta (2012). “High Pressure–High Temperature Decomposition of Γ-Cyclotrimethylene Trinitramine.” The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 116(39): 9680-9688.
  10. Dunuwille, M., A. J. Davidson, R. S. Chellappa, D. M. Dattelbaum and C. S. Yoo (2012). “Correction to “Pressure-Induced Isostructural Metastable Phase Transition of Ammonium Nitrate”.” The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 116(28): 7600-7601.
  11. Eilers, H., R. Gunawidjaja, T. Myint, J. Lightstone and J. Carney (2012). “Irreversible Phase Transitions in Doped Metal Oxides for Use as Temperature Sensors in Explosions.” 17th American Physical Society (APS) Topical Conference on Shock Compression of Condensed Matter (SCCM) Proceedings 1426: 1577-1580.
  12. Grivickas, P. (2012). “Modeling of Carrier Lifetimes in Uniaxially Strained GaAs.” Journal of Applied Physics 111(10): 103704-103708.
  13. Gunawidjaja, R., T. Myint and H. Eilers (2012). “A Factorial Design Approach for Pressureless Sintering in Air of (Pb,La)(Zr,Ti)O3 Synthesized Via Coprecipitation of Oxide-Alkoxides.” Ceramics International 38(1): 775-786.
  14. Gupta, Y. M., S. J. Turneaure, K. Perkins, K. Zimmerman, N. Arganbright, G. Shen and P. Chow (2012). “Real-Time, High-Resolution X-ray Diffraction Measurements on Shocked Crystals at a Synchrotron Facility.” Review of Scientific Instruments 83(12): 123905.
  15. Jaglinski, T., S. J. Turneaure and Y. M. Gupta (2012). “Effect of Compositional Variation on the Shock Wave Response of Bulk Amorphous Alloys.” Journal of Applied Physics 112(6): 063529.
  16. Kwak, H., J. Xiao and S. Chaudhuri (2012). “Atoms-to-Grains Corrosion Modeling for Magnesium Alloys.” Magnesium Technology 2012: 5-9.
  17. Markevicius, G., S. Chaudhuri, C. Bajracharya, R. Rastogi, J. Xiao, C. Burnett and T. Q. Chastek (2012). “Polyoligomeric Silsesquioxane (POSS)–Hydrogenated Polybutadiene Polyurethane Coatings for Corrosion Inhibition of AA2024.” Progress in Organic Coatings 75(4): 319-327.
  18. McCluskey, M. D., M. C. Tarun and S. T. Teklemichael (2012). “Hydrogen in Oxide Semiconductors.” J. Mater. Res 27: 2190-2198.
  19. Myint, T., R. Gunawidjaja and H. Eilers (2012). “Spectroscopic Properties of Nanophase Eu-Doped ZrO2 and Its Potential Application for Fast Temperature Sensing under Extreme Conditions.” The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116(40): 21629-21634.
  20. Qiao, D. and A. Peker (2012). “Enhanced Glass Forming Ability in Zr-Based Bulk Metallic Glasses with Hf Addition.” Intermetallics 24(0): 115-119.
  21. Sengupta, A., Y.-J. Ryu and C. S. Yoo (2012). “Transparent Large Anvil Press for in-Situ Raman and Laser Heating.” Journal of Physics: Conference Series 377(1).
  22. Teklemichael, S. T. and M. D. McCluskey (2012). “Compensation of Acceptors in ZnO Nanocrystals by Adsorption of Formic Acid.” The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116(32): 17248-17251.
  23. Turneaure, S. J. and Y. M. Gupta (2012). “Real-Time X-ray Diffraction at the Impact Surface of Shocked Crystals.” Journal of Applied Physics 111(2): 026101.
  24. Wei, H. and C.-S. Yoo (2012). “Dynamic Responses of Reactive Metallic Structures under Thermal and Mechanical Ignitions.” Journal of Materials Research 27(21): 2705-2717.
  25. Wei, H. and C. S. Yoo (2012). “Kinetics of Small Single Particle Combustion of Zirconium Alloy.” Journal of Applied Physics 111(2): 023506.
  26. Wei, H. and C. S. Yoo (2012). “Dynamic Structural and Chemical Responses of Energetic Solids.” MRS Proceedings 1405.
  27. Wei, H., C. S. Yoo, J.-Y. Chen and G. Shen (2012). “Oxygen-Diffusion Limited Metal Combustions in Zr, Ti, and Fe Foils: Time- and Angle-Resolved X-ray Diffraction Studies.” Journal of Applied Physics 111(6): 063528.
  28. Wen, B. and H. Eilers (2012). “Potential Interference Mechanism for the Detection of Explosives Via Laser-Based Standoff Techniques.” Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics 106(2): 473-482.
  29. Winey, J. M., J. N. Johnson and Y. M. Gupta (2012). “Unloading and Reloading Response of Shocked Aluminum Single Crystals: Time-Dependent Anisotropic Material Description.” Journal of Applied Physics 112(9): 093509.
  30. Xiao, J. and S. Chaudhuri (2012). “Design of Anti-Icing Coatings Using Supercooled Droplets as Nano-to-Microscale Probes.” Langmuir 28(9): 4434-4446.
  31. Yoo, C. S., H. Wei, R. Dias, G. Shen, J. Smith, J. Y. Chen and W. Evans (2012). “Time-Resolved Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction on Pulse Laser Heated Iron in Diamond Anvil Cell.” Journal of Physics: Conference Series 377(1).
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