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Washington State University Institute for Shock Physics

Recent Publications

  1. Anderson, B. R., R. Gunawidjaja, and H. Eilers (2017). “Two-color Thermosensors Based on [Y1-x Dyx(acetylacetonate)3(1,10-phenanthroline)] Molecular Crystals.” Applied Physics B 123(2): 62.
  2. Anderson, B. R., R. Gunawidjaja, and H. Eilers (2017). “Initial Tamper Tests of Novel Tamper-indicating Optical Physical Unclonable Functions.” Applied Optics 56(10): 2863-2872.
  3. Anderson, B. R., N. Gese, R. Gunawidjaja, and H. Eilers (2017). “Nanoscale Ex Situ Thermal Impulse Sensors for Structural Fire Forensics.” Applied Spectroscopy 72(9): 1310-1321.
  4. Anderson, B. R., R. Gunawidjaja, and H. Eilers (2017).  “Dy3+-doped Yttrium Complex Molecular Crystals for Two-color Thermometry in Heterogeneous Materials.”  Journal of Luminescence 188: 238-245.
  5. Anderson, B. R., R. Gunawidjaja, and H. Eilers (2017).  “Spectroscopic Signatures of Sub-Second Laser-Calcined Dy3+-Doped Oxide Precursors for Use in Ex-Situ Thermal Impulse Sensors.” The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121(38): 20955-20966.
  6. Anderson, B. R., S. Livers, R. Gunawidjaja, and H. Eilers (2017). “Fibers-based Optical Thermocouples for In-Situ Temperatures Sensing in Extreme Environments.” Frontiers in Optics 2017:  JTu2A.36.
  7. Desjarlais, M. P., M. D. Knudson, and K. R. Cochrane (2017). “Extension of the Hugoniot and Analytical Release Model of A-Quartz to 0.2-3 Tpa. “Journal of Applied Physics 122(3): 035903.
  8. Dreger, Z. A., A. I. Stash, Z.-G. Yu, Y.-S. Chen, and Y. Tao (2017). “High-Pressure Structural Response of an Insensitive Energetic Crystal: Dihydroxylammonium 5,5′-Bistetrazole-1,1′-Diolate (TKX-50).” The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121(10): 5761-5767.
  9. Dreger, Z. A., C. J. Breshike, and Y. M. Gupta (2017). “High Pressure-High Temperature Phase Diagram of an Energetic Crystal: Dihydroxylammonium 5,5′-Bistetrazole-1, 1′-Diolate (TKX-50).   “Chemical Physics Letters 679: 212-218.
  10. Duwal, S. and C. -S. Yoo (2017). “Reversible Photochemical Transformation of S and H2 Mixture to (H2S)2H2 at High Pressures.” The Journal of Physical Chemistry C  121(23): 12863-12870.
  11. Eilers, H., B. R. Anderson, R. Gunawidjaja, P. Price, and R. Johnston (2017). “Can Wavefront-Shaped Optical Responses be used for Tags and Seals?” INMM 57th Annual Meeting 2016 Proceedings, 558-567.
  12. Eilers, H., B. R. Anderson, R. Gunawidjaja, and S. Livers (2017). “Lanthanide-Doped Luminescent Materials for Use as Temperature Sensors Under Extreme Conditions.” 232nd ECS Meeting. National Harbor, MD
  13. Gunawidjaja, R., B. R. Anderson, H. Diez-y-Riega, and H. Eilers (2017). “Sub-Second Laser Heating of Thermal Impulse Sensors.” AIP Conference Proceeding 1793, 060014.
  14. Gustavsen, R. L., D. M. Dattelbaum, E. B. Watkins, M. A. Firestone, D. W. Podlesak, B. J. Jensen, B. S. Ringstrand, R. C. Huber, J. T. Mang, C. E. Johnson, K. A. Velizhanin, T. M. Willey, D. W. Hansen, C. M. May, R. L. Hodgin, M. Bagge-Hansen, A. W. v. Buuren, L. M. Lauderbach, A. C. Jones, T. J. Graber, N. Sinclair, S. Seifert, and T. Gog (2017). ” Time Resolved Small Angle X-Ray Scattering Experiments Performed on Detonating Explosives at the Advanced Photon Source: Calculation of the Time and Distance between the Detonation Front and the X-Ray Beam.” Journal of Applied Physics 121(10): 105902.
  15. Hawreliak, J. (2017). “A Proposed Experimental Platform for Measuring the Properties of Warm Dense Mixtures: Testing the Applicability of the Linear Mixing Model.” High Energy Density Physics 23: 195-199.
  16. Huso, J., J. Ritter, D. Thapa, K. M. Yu, L. Bergman, and M. McCluskey (2017). “Oxygen Vibrational Modes in ZnS1xOx Alloys.” Journal of Applied Physics 123(16): 161537.
  17. Krishnamurthy, S. and Z.-G. Yu (2017). “A Designing Principle for Low Dark-current Strained Layer Superlattices.” Applied Physics Letters 110(2): 021113.
  18. Krishnamurthy, S. and Z. G. Yu (2017). “Green’s Function-Based Defect Identification in InAs-InAs1xSbx Strained Layer Superlattices.” AIP Advances 7(6): 065310
  19. Knudson, M. D. and M. P. Desjarlais (2017). “High-Precision Shock Wave Measurements of Deuterium: Evaluation of Exchange-Correlation Functionals at the Molecular-to-Atomic Transition.” Physical Review Letters 118(3): 035501.
  20. Liu, H., X. Yong, Y. Yao, J. S. Tse, and C.-S. Yoo (2017). “Recovered Phase CO2-V at Low Temperature and a Newly Predicted 3D-extended CO2 Phase.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114(5): E658-E659.
  21. Mandal, A. and Y. M. Gupta (2017). “Elastic-plastic Deformation of Molybdenum Single Crystals Shocked Along [100].” Journal of Applied Physics 121(4): 045903.
  22. McCoy, C. A., M. D. Knudson, and S. Root (2017). “Absolute Measurement of the Hugoniot and Sound Velocity of Liquid Copper at Multimegabar Pressures.” Physical Review B 96(17):
  23. McCoy, C. A. and M. D. Knudson (2017). “Lagrangian Technique to Calculate Window Interface Velocity from Shock Velocity Measurements: Application for Quartz Windows.” Journal of Applied Physics 122(8): 085901.
  24. Nawani, P. and N. Gese (2017). “Multi-functional Low-cost Epoxy Based Nanocomposite Corrosion Resistant Coating.” American Society of Naval Engineers Proceedings.
  25. Odenthal, P., W. Talmadge, N. Gundlach, R. Wang, C. Zhang, D. Sun, Z.-G. Yu, Z. Valy Vardeny, and Y. S. Li (2017). “Spin-Polarized Exciton Quantum Beating in Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Perovskites. “Nat Phys 13(9): 894-899.
  26. Parmar, N. S., J.-W. Choi, L. A. Boatner, M. D. McCluskey, and K. G. Lynn (2017). “Formation of High Concentrations of Isolated Zn Vacancies and Evidence for Their Acceptor Levels in ZnO.” Journal of Alloys and Compounds 729 (Supplement C): 1031-1037.
  27. Poole, V. M., S. J. Jokela, and M. D. McCluskey (2017). “Using Persistent Photoconductivity to Write a Low-Resistance Path in SrTiO3.” Scientific Reports 7(1)6659.
  28. Poole, V. M., J. Huso, and M. D. McCluskey (2017). “The Role of Hydrogen and Oxygen in the Persistent Photoconductivity of Strontium Titanate.” Journal of Applied Physics 123(16): 161545.
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  34. Turneaure, S. J., S. M. Sharma, T. J. Volz, J. M. Winey, and Y. M. Gupta (2017). “Transformation of Shock-Compressed Graphite to Hexagonal Diamond in Nanoseconds.” Science Advances 3(10) eaao3561.
  35. Wang, Q., L. Yang, S. Zhou, X. Ye, Z. Wang, W. Zhu, M. D. McCluskey, and Y. Gu (2017). “Phase-Defined Van Der Waals Schottky Junctions with Significantly Enhanced Thermoelectric Properties.” The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 8(13): 2887-2894.
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