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Washington State University Institute for Shock Physics

Recent Publications

  1. Duwal, S. Y. J. Ryu, M. Kim, C.-S. Yoo, S. Bang, K. Kim and N. H. Hur (2018). “Transformation of Hydrazinium Azide to Molecular N 8 at 40 GPa “ The Journal of Chemical Physics 148(13):134310.
  2. Grivickas, P., J. F. Geisz and Y. M. Gupta (2018). “Direct-to-Indirect Electronic State Transition in Dynamically Compressed GaAs Quantum Wells.” Applied Physics Letters 113(7): 072101.
  3. Gunawidjaja, R., B. R. Anderson and H. Eilers (2018). “Structural and Spectroscopic Characterization of Irreversible Phase Changes in Rapidly Heated Precursors of Europium-Doped Titania Nanoparticles.” Journal of Solid State Chemistry 258(Supplement C):15-23.
  4. Kim, M. Y. J. Ryu, Lim, J. and C. -S. Yoo (2018). “Transformation of Molecular CO2 – III in Low-Density Carbon to Extended CO2 -V in Porous Diamond at High Pressures and Temperatures.” Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 30(31) 3140002.
  5. Kirtley, J., V. Leichner, B. Anderson and H. Eilers (2018). “A Comparison of Pulsed and Continuous Lasers for High-Temperature Raman Measurements of Anhydrite.” Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 49(5): 862-871.
  6. Krishnamurthy, S. and Z. -G. Yu (2018). “Theoretical Study of Native Point Defects in Strained-Layer Superlattice Systems.” Journal of Applied Physics 123(16): 161414.
  7. Lang, J. M., J. M. Winey and Y. M. Gupta (2018). “Strength and deformation of shocked diamond single crystals: Orientation dependence.” Physical Review B 97(10): 104106.
  8. Lim, J. and C.-S. Yoo (2018). “Phase Diagram of Dense H2-HE Mixture: Evidence for Strong Chemical Association, Miscibility and Structure Change.” Physical Review Letters 120(16): 16530.
  9. Lu, J. E., C.H. Yang, H. Wang, C. Yam, Z. -G. Yu and S. Chen (2018). “Plasmonic Circular Dichroism of Vesicle-Like Nanostructures by the Template-Less Self-Assembly of Achiral Janus Nanoparticles.” Nanoscale 10(30): 14586-14593.
  10. Nielsen, M. H., J. A. Hammons, M. Bagge-Hansen, L. M. Lauderbach, R.L. Hodgin, K. M. Champley, W. L. Shaw, N. Sinclair, J. A. Klug, Y. Li, A. Schuman, A. W. van Buuren, E. B. Watkins, R. L. Gustavsen, R. C. Huber and T. M. Willey (2018). “Single-bunch imaging of detonation fronts using scattered synchrotron radiation.” Journal of Applied Physics 123(22): 225902.
  11. Poole, V. M., J. Huso and M. D. McCluskey (2018). “The Role of Hydrogen and Oxygen in the Persistent Photoconductivity of Strontium Titanate.” Journal of Applied Physics 123(16): 161545.
  12. Preising, M., W. Lorenzen, A. Becker, R. Redmer, M. D. Knudson and M. P. Desjarlais (2018). “Equation of State and Optical Properties of Warm Dense Helium.” Physics of Plasmas 25(1): 012706.
  13. Ritter, J. R., J. Huso, P. T. Dickens, J. B. Varley, K. G. Lynn and M. D. McCluskey (2018). “Compensation and hydrogen passivation of magnesium acceptors in β-Ga2O3.” Applied Physics Letters 113(5): 052101.
  14. Syllaios, A. J., M. S. Harcrow, B. J. Western, V. C. Lopes, C. L. Littler, R. Gunawidjaja and Z. -G. Yu (2018). “Material Considerations for Current and Next Generation Microbolometer Technology.” Proc. SPIE10656, Image Sensing Technologies: Materials, Devices, Systems, and Applications V, 106560E.
  15. Tracy, S. J., S. J. Turneaure and T. S. Duffy (2018). “In situ X-Ray Diffraction of Shock-Compressed Fused Silica.” Physical Review Letters 120(13): 135702
  16. Turneaure, S. J., P. Renganathan, J. M. Winey and Y. M. Gupta (2018). “Twinning and Dislocation Evolution during Shock Compression and Release of Single Crystals: Real-Time X-Ray Diffraction.” Physical Review Letters 120(26): 265503.
  17. Turneaure, S. J., S. M. Sharma and Y. M. Gupta (2018). “Nanosecond Melting and Recrystallization in Shock Compressed Silicon.” Physical Review Letters 121(13): 135701.
  18. Yoo, C.-S., M. Kim, J. Lim, Y. J. Ryu and I. Batyrev (2018). “Copolymerization of CO and N2 to Extended CON2 Framework Solid at High Pressures.” The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122(24): 13054-13060.
  19. Yu, Z.-G. (2018). “Oscillatory Magnetic Circular Dichroism of Free-Carrier Absorption and Determination of the Rashba Dispersions in Hybrid Organic–Inorganic Perovskites.” The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters: 9(1):1-7.
  20. Yu, Z.-G. (2018). “Spin Relaxation and Diffusion in Disordered Organic Solids.” Journal of Photonics for Energy 8(3): 032213.
  21. Zhang, C., D. Sun, Z.-G. Yu, C.-X. Sheng, S. McGill, D. Semenov and Z. V. Vardeny (2018). “Field-Induced Spin Splitting and Anomalous Photoluminescence Circular Polarization in CH3 NH3 Pb I3 Films at High Magnetic Field” Physical Review B 97(13): 134412.