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Washington State University Institute for Shock Physics

Research Associates

Nava Subedi

Research Associate, ISP Laboratory

(509) 335-7055

Scientific Interests and Work

Soda-lime glass (SLG) is the most prevalent type of glass and accounts for about 90% of total manufactured glass.

Because of its resoftening and remelting properties, it is ideal for glass recycling and other engineering applications, where it may be subjected to high velocity impact. Therefore, understanding how this material responds to shock impacts is critical to any design and engineering effort. Dr. Subedi’s work focuses on obtaining information about the Hugoniot Elastic Limit (HEL) through measurements of its optical property and material topology changes of SLG under static and dynamic response experiments. His work insights into the discrepancies between convex downward curvature at low pressure and concave upward curvature at high pressure of the Hugoniot in SLG.


Dr. Subedi received his Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Mississippi State University in 2016. His dissertation research focused the development of new techniques in digital holography for micro-particle characterization. This work focused on the extraction of particle surface-texture from holographic images formed with backscattered light as opposed to forward scattered light, as is more commonly done. After concluding his degree, he joined Dr. Ariunbold Gombojav research group at the same university as a postdoctoral research associate and worked on integrating digital holography with confocal Raman spectroscopy for chemical and morphological characterization of micro-particles. Dr. Subedi joined ISP as a postdoctoral research associate in August 2018.


Ph.D. (Applied Physics), 2016, Mississippi State University, Mississippi State, MS
M.S. (Physics), 2014, Mississippi State University, Mississippi State, MS
M.Sc. (Physics), 2005, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal
B.Sc. (Physics), 2001, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal

Honors and Recognition

  • Travel Grant, American Physical Society (GIMS Chapter) 2017
  • Travel Assistance Grants for Graduate Students (TAGGS), Office of Graduate School, Mississippi State University, 2014 and 2015
  • Dean’s Office Travel Grant, College of Arts & Science, Mississippi State University, 2014
  • Student Travel Award Initiative, Bagley College of Engineering, Mississippi State University 2014
  • Graduate Mentoring Fellow, Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program, US Army Research Office, Summer 2013
  • Merit Student Award, Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), 2004

Representative Publications

  1. Nava R. Subedi, Prakash Adhikari, and Gombojav O. Ariunbold, “Contact-free microparticle characterization via Raman spectroscopy and digital holography” Journal of Optics 20(9), p. 095608 (2018).
  2. Nava R. Subedi, Matthew J. Berg, and Gorden Videen, “Simultaneous forward and backward digital holography of microparticles,” Journal of Optics 19(11), p. 115601 (2017).
  3. Matthew J. Berg, Nava R. Subedi, and Peter A. Anderson, “Measuring extinction with digital holography: Nonspherical particles and experimental validation,” Optics Letters 42(5), p. 1011-1014 (2017).
  4. Matthew J. Berg and Nava R. Subedi, “Holographic Interferometry for Aerosol Particle Characterization”, J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer, Vol. 150, p. 36-41 (2015).
  5. Matthew. J. Berg, Nava. R. Subedi, Peter. A. Anderson and Nicholas. B. Fowler, “Using Holography to Measure Extinction”, Optics Letters, Vol. 39(13), p. 3993- 3996 (2014).
  6. Nava. R. Subedi, Nicholas. B. Fowler, and Matthew. J. Berg, “Backscatter Digital Holography of Microparticles”, Optics Express, Vol. 21(10), p. 12611-12616 (2013).


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