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Washington State University Institute for Shock Physics

Research Associates

Pritha Renganathan

Research Associate

(509) 335-1914


Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering), 2017, Washington State University
M.S. (Aerospace Engineering), 2012, University of Southern California
B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering), 2010, National Institute of Technology (NIT)

Representative Publications:

  1. Renganathan, P., Y. Toyoda, and Y. M. Gupta (2020). “Optical Response of Soda-Lime Glass Shocked to 14 GPa.” Journal of Dynamic Behavior of Materials 6: 207-212.
  2. Renganathan, P., T. S. Duffy, and Y. M. Gupta (2020). “Hugoniot States and Optical Response of Soda Lime Glass Shock Compressed to 120 GPa.”  Journal of Applied Physics 127: 205901.
  3. Renganathan, P., S. J. Turneaure, S. M. Sharma, and Y. M. Gupta (2019). “Structural Transformations Including Melting and Recrystallization during Shock Compression and Release of Germanium to 45 GPa.” Physical Review B 99(13): 134101.
  4. Renganathan, P., and Y. M. Gupta (2019). “Shock Compression/Release of Magnesium Single Crystals Along a Low-Symmetry Orientation: Role of Basal Slip.” Journal of Applied Physics 126(11):
  5. Turneaure, S. J., P. Renganathan, J. M. Winey, and Y. M. Gupta (2018). “Twinning and Dislocation Evolution during Shock Compression and Release of Single Crystals: Real-Time X-Ray Diffraction.” Physical Review Letters 120(26): 265503.
  6. Renganathan, P., J. M. Winey, and Y. M. Gupta (2017). “Shock Compression and Release of a-axis Magnesium Single Crystals: Anisotropy and Time Dependent Inelastic Response.” Journal of Applied Physics 121(3): 035901.
  7. Winey, J. M., P. Renganathan, and Y. M. Gupta (2015). “Shock Wave Compression and Release of Hexagonal-Close-Packed Metal Single Crystals: Inelastic Deformation of C-Axis Magnesium.” Journal of Applied Physics 117(10): 105903.