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Washington State University
Washington State University Institute for Shock Physics

Research Associates

Shasha Yeung

Postdoctoral Research Associate, ISP/Applied Sciences Laboratory

(509) 358-7846

Scientific Interests and Work

Image processing of biomedical images using computational methods for musculoskeletal applications.

Image processing and manipulation in order to obtain useful information to further current biomedical and musculoskeletal applications and practices. Specifically, extracting ligament insertion sites of the human knee, using image processing and computational modelling techniques, for determining knee mechanics and further informing clinical input. Such work is focused on filling in knowledge gaps and benefiting the biomedical and clinical communities.


As a graduate student at the University of Canterbury in Computer Engineering focusing on computer vision and image processing, Shasha took on a summer internship of detecting lung cancer cells from micro-CT images. This led to the interest of using computational methods for biomedical applications to further enhance individualized treatment for clinic use, and the transition to Auckland Bioengineering Institute.

In 2019, Shasha completed her Ph.D. in biomedical engineering with a thesis topic of population based modelling using statistical analysis for musculoskeletal applications. Within the study, she also used wearable sensors for evaluation of clinical rehabilitation in people recovering from total knee joint replacement surgery.


Ph.D. (Biomedical Engineering), 2019, University of Auckland, New Zealand
M.E. (Biomedical Engineering), 2015, University of Auckland, New Zealand
B.E. (Computer Engineering), 2014, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Representative Publications

  1. Fernandez, J., S. Yeung, A. Swee, M. Schneider, T. Besier, J. Zhang (2017). “On the use of population-based statistical models in biomechanics, Elsevier Encyclopaedia of Biomedical Engineering” Reference Module on Biomedical Sciences. In Press Production. Edited by Roger Narayan.
  2. Yeung, S., A. Toor, G. Toor, J. Zhang, T. Besier, J. Fernandez (2018). “Relationship between lower lumbar spine shape and patient reported pain as characterised by 18F-NaF biomarkers.” Computers in Biology & Medicine. In Press.
  3. Yeung, S., J. Fernandez, G. Handsfield, C. Walker, T. Besier, J. Zhang (2018). “Muscle Volume Prediction using Anthropometric Measurements and Population derived Statistical Models. Biomechanics and Modelling in Mechanobiology.” In Press.