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Washington State University Institute for Shock Physics

Research Staff

Xiaoming Wang

Dynamic Compression Sector (DCS) Laser Physicist

(630) 252-9870

Scientific Interest and Work

Studying laser-matter interactions under extreme conditions.

Dr. Xiaoming Wang’s research interest focuses on understanding laser-plasma interactions in extremely high temperature and high pressure conditions. At the Dynamic Compression Sector (DCS), located at the Advanced Photon Source, high energy short duration laser pulses are used to produce high density ultra-high temperature plasmas, and the rapid expansion of hot plasmas generates shock waves, which compresses target materials at extremely high pressures.  The pulsed X-ray can probe the shocked solid target materials and provide time-resolved information of the dynamic compression process.


Dr. Xiaoming Wang joined Dr. Reitze’s ultrafast laser group as a graduate student at the University of Florida in 2000.  Dr. Wang’s main Ph.D. research projects were developing a high power ultrafast chirped pulse amplification laser system and studying the ultrafast spectroscopy of semiconductors quantum structures in high magnetic fields.  After receiving his Ph.D., he joined Dr. Downer’s laser-plasma group at the University of Texas – Austin, where he spent 7 years working on high power (TW and PW) laser systems, laser-plasma interactions, and plasma diagnostics.  Dr. Wang’s research projects included GeV electron accelerations, MeV X-ray generations, and time resolved diagnostics for laser-plasma interactions.  In 2015, Dr. Wang joined the Institute for Shock Physics and the Dynamic Compression Sector.


Ph.D. (Physics), 2007, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
M.S. (Applied Physics), 1997, Tianjin University, China
B.S. (Applied Physics), 1994, Tianjin University, China

Representative Publications

  1. Tsai, Hai-En, Xiaoming Wang, Joseph M. Shaw, Zhengyan Li, Alexey V. Arefiev, Xi Zhang, Rafal Zgadzaj et al. “Compact tunable Compton x-ray source from laser-plasma accelerator and plasma mirror.” Physics of Plasmas 22, 023106 (2015).
  2. Wang, Xiaoming, Rafal Zgadzaj, Neil Fazel, Zhengyan Li, S. A. Yi, Xi Zhang, Watson Henderson et al. “Quasi-monoenergetic laser-plasma acceleration of electrons to 2 GeV.” Nature communications 4 (2013).
  3. Jho, Y. D., Xiaoming Wang, J. Kono, D. H. Reitze, X. Wei, A. A. Belyanin, V. V. Kocharovsky, Vl V. Kocharovsky, and G. S. Solomon. “Cooperative recombination of a quantized high-density electron-hole plasma in semiconductor quantum wells.” Physical review letters 96, 237401 (2006).


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