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Washington State University Institute for Shock Physics

Recent Publications

  1. Broege, D., S. Fochs, G. Brent, J. Bromage, C. Dorrer, R. F. Earley, M. J. Guardalben, J. A. Marozas, R. G. Roides, J. Sethian, X. Wang, D. Weiner, J. Zweiback, and D. J. Zuegel (2019). “The Dynamic Compression Sector Laser: A 100-J UV Laser for Dynamic Compression Research.” Review of Scientific Instruments 90(5): 053001.
  2. Chen, E., Q. Yang, V. Dufour-Décieux, C. A. Sing-Long, R. Freitas, and E. J. Reed (2019). “Transferable Kinetic Monte Carlo Models with Thousands of Reactions Learned from Molecular Dynamics Simulations,” The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 123(9): 1874-1881.
  3. Kim, M., H. Rostislav, J. Smith and C.-S. Yoo (2019). “Thermochemical Reactions of Al-based Intermetallic Composites to AlN.” Combustion and Flame 200: 115-124.
  4. Mandal, A. and Y. M. Gupta, (2019). “Elastic-Plastic Deformation of Molybdenum Single Crystals Shocked to 12.5 GPa: Crystal Anisotropy Effects.” Journal of Applied Physics 125(5): 055903.
  5. Martin, A. A., N. P. Martin, J. A. Calta, S. A. Hammons, M. H. Khairallah, M. H. Nielsen, R.M. Shuttlesworth, N. Sinclair, M. J. Matthews, J.R. Jeffries, T.M. Willey, J.R. Lee (2019). “Ultrafast Dynamics of Laser-Metal Interactions in Additive Manufacturing Alloys” Materials Today Advances, 1 (2019): 100002.
  6. Renganathan, P., Stefan J. Turneaure, Surinder M. Sharma, Y. M. Gupta (2019). “Structural Transformations Including Melting/Recrystallization during Shock Compression/Release of Germanium to 45 GPa.” Physical Review B (99): 134101.
  7. Riminucci, A., Z.-G. Yu, M. Prezioso, R. Cecchini, I. Bergenti, P. Graziosi, and V. Dediu (2019). “Controlling Magnetoresistance by Oxygen Impurities in Mq3-Based Molecular Spin Valves.” ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 11(8): 8319-8326.
  8. Volz, T. J. and Y. M. Gupta (2019). “Graphite to Diamond Transformation Under Shock Compression: Role of Orientational Order.” Journal of Applied Physics 125(24): 245902.
  9. Wang, X., P. Rigg, J. Sethian, N. Sinclair, N. Weir, B. Williams, J. Zhang, J. A. Hawreliak, Y. Toyoda, Y. M. Gupta, Y. Li, D. Broege, J. Bromage, R. Earley, D. Guy, and J. Zuegel (2019). “The Laser Shock Station in the Dynamic Compression Sector.” Review of Scientific Instruments 90(5): 053901.
  10. Xu, H., M. Wang, Z.-G. Yu, K. Wang, and B. Hu (2019). “Magnetic Field Effects on Excited States, Charge Transport, and Electrical Polarization in Organic Semiconductors in Spin and Orbital Regimes.” Advances in Physics 68(2): 49-121.
  11. Yu, Z.-G. and Y. S. Li (2019). “Unraveling the Spin Relaxation Mechanism in Hybrid Organic–Inorganic Perovskites.” The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123(23): 14701-14706.
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