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Washington State University Institute for Shock Physics

Recent Publications

  1. Babaiasl, M., F. Yang, Y. Chen, J.-L. Ding, and J. P. Swensen (2019). “Predicting Depth of Cut of Water-jet in Soft Tissue Simulants based on Finite Element Analysis with the Application to Fracture-directed Water-jet Steerable Needles”. Conference Proceedings of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers: 1-7.
  2. Bagge-Hansen, M., S. Bastea, J. A. Hammons, M. H. Nielsen, L. M. Lauderbach, R. L. Hodgin, P. Pagoria, C. May, S. Aloni, A. Jones, W. L. Shaw, E. V. Bukovsky, N. Sinclair, R. L. Gustavsen, E. B. Watkins, B. J. Jensen, D. M. Dattelbaum, M. A. Firestone, R. C. Huber, B. S. Ringstrand, J. R. I. Lee, T. van Buuren, L. E. Fried, and T. M. Willey (2019). “Detonation Synthesis of Carbon Nano-Onions Via Liquid Carbon Condensation.” Nature Communications 10(1): 3819.
  3. Barmore, L. M. and M. D. Knudson (2019). “Mechanical and Optical Response of Polymethylpentene under Dynamic Compression.” Journal of Applied Physics 126(18): 185901.
  4. Berryman, E. J., D. Zhang, B. Wunder, and T. S. Duffy (2019). “Compressibility of Synthetic Mg-Al Tourmalines to 60 GPa.” American Mineralogist 104(7): 1005-1015.
  5. Berryman, E. J., J. M. Winey, Y. M. Gupta and T. S. Duffy (2019). “Sound Velocities in Shock-Synthesized Stishovite to 72 GPa.” Geophysical Research Letters 46(23): 13695-13703.
  6. Broege, D., S. Fochs, G. Brent, J. Bromage, C. Dorrer, R. F. Earley, M. J. Guardalben, J. A. Marozas, R. G. Roides, J. Sethian, X. Wang, D. Weiner, J. Zweiback, and D. J. Zuegel (2019). “The Dynamic Compression Sector Laser: A 100-J UV Laser for Dynamic Compression Research.” Review of Scientific Instruments 90(5): 053001.
  7. Chen, E., Q. Yang, V. Dufour-Décieux, C. A. Sing-Long, R. Freitas, and E. J. Reed (2019). “Transferable Kinetic Monte Carlo Models with Thousands of Reactions Learned from Molecular Dynamics Simulations,” The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 123(9): 1874-1881.
  8. Hammons, J. A., M. H. Nielsen, M. Bagge-Hansen, S. Bastea, W. L. Shaw, J. R. I. Lee, J. Ilavsky, N. Sinclair, K. Fezzaa, L. M. Lauderbach, R. L. Hodgin, D. A. Orlikowski, L. E. Fried, and T. M. Willey (2019). “Resolving Detonation Nanodiamond Size Evolution and Morphology at Sub-Microsecond Timescales During High-Explosive Detonations.” The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123(31): 19153-19164.
  9. Kim, M., H. Rostislav, J. Smith, and C.-S. Yoo (2019). “Thermochemical Reactions of Al-based Intermetallic Composites to AlN.” Combustion and Flame 200: 115-124.
  10. Mandal, A. and Y. M. Gupta, (2019). “Elastic-Plastic Deformation of Molybdenum Single Crystals Shocked to 12.5 GPa: Crystal Anisotropy Effects.” Journal of Applied Physics 125(5): 055903.
  11. Martin, A. A., N. P. Martin, J. A. Calta, S. A. Hammons, M. H. Khairallah, M. H. Nielsen, R.M. Shuttlesworth, N. Sinclair, M. J. Matthews, J.R. Jeffries, T.M. Willey, and J.R. Lee (2019). “Ultrafast Dynamics of Laser-Metal Interactions in Additive Manufacturing Alloys” Materials Today Advances, 1 (2019): 100002.
  12. Renganathan, P., Stefan J. Turneaure, Surinder M. Sharma, and Y. M. Gupta (2019). “Structural Transformations Including Melting and Recrystallization during Shock Compression and Release of Germanium to 45 GPa.” Physical Review B (99): 134101.
  13. Renganathan, P. and Y. M. Gupta (2019). “Shock Compression/Release of Magnesium Single Crystals Along a Low-Symmetry Orientation: Role of Basal Slip.” Journal of Applied Physics 126(11): 115902.
  14. Riminucci, A., Z.-G. Yu, M. Prezioso, R. Cecchini, I. Bergenti, P. Graziosi, and V. Dediu (2019). “Controlling Magnetoresistance by Oxygen Impurities in Mq3-Based Molecular Spin Valves.” ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 11(8): 8319-8326.
  15. Sharma, S. M., S. J. Turneaure, J. M. Winey, Y. Li, P. Rigg, A. Schuman, N. Sinclair, Y. Toyoda, X. Wang, N. Weir, J. Zhang, and Y. M. Gupta (2019). “Structural Transformation and Melting in Gold Shock-Compressed to 355 GPa.” Physical Review Letters 123(4): 045702.
  16. Volz, T. J. and Y. M. Gupta (2019). “Graphite to Diamond Transformation Under Shock Compression: Role of Orientational Order.” Journal of Applied Physics 125(24): 245902.
  17. Wang, X., P. Rigg, J. Sethian, N. Sinclair, N. Weir, B. Williams, J. Zhang, J. A. Hawreliak, Y. Toyoda, Y. M. Gupta, Y. Li, D. Broege, J. Bromage, R. Earley, D. Guy, and J. Zuegel (2019). “The Laser Shock Station in the Dynamic Compression Sector.” Review of Scientific Instruments 90(5): 053901.
  18. Xu, H., M. Wang, Z.-G. Yu, K. Wang, and B. Hu (2019). “Magnetic Field Effects on Excited States, Charge Transport, and Electrical Polarization in Organic Semiconductors in Spin and Orbital Regimes.” Advances in Physics 68(2): 49-121.
  19. Yu, Z.-G. and Y. S. Li (2019). “Unraveling the Spin Relaxation Mechanism in Hybrid Organic–Inorganic Perovskites.” The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123(23): 14701-14706.
  20. Yuan, B. and H. Eilers (2019). “T-jump Pyrolysis and Combustion of Diisopropyl Methylphosphonate.” Combustion and Flame 199: 69-84.
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