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Washington State University Institute for Shock Physics

Research Staff


Nate Arganbright

Materials Engineer

(509) 335-1968

  • Instruction of graduate students and researchers in sample preparation and characterization techniques, machining, equipment use and target and projectile construction
  • Maintenance, repair, acquisition and installation of equipment and supplies used in the sample characterization and preparation laboratories
  • Operation and maintenance of the 2-stage impact facilities

Yoshi Toyoda

Research Engineer

(509) 335-1830

  • Laser-interferometry expertise – built various interferometers for ISP (multi-point VISAR, line-VISAR and PDV systems)
  • Develop and design new optical diagnostics capabilities (laser-interferometry, time-resolved optical spectroscopy, high-speed imaging)
  • Collaborate with both internal and external scientists/students on various experiments

Kurt Zimmerman

Senior Project Engineer

(509) 335-4673

  • Train graduate students and postdoctoral researchers on how to use lab equipment and make shock wave measurements
  • Maintain electronic, opto-electronic, and optical instruments
  • Design, assemble, and test new experimental capabilities
  • Order equipment and supplies necessary for all aspects of ISP research
  • Operation and maintenance of the gas and powder driven impact facilities