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Washington State University
Washington State University Institute for Shock Physics


WSU (as the lead institution) and three outstanding academic partners – Princeton University, California Institute of Technology, and Stanford University – conduct substantive research leading to advances/innovations in the field of Dynamic Compression Science. Multidisciplinary research activities, involving students, postdocs, and faculty members from different academic disciplines (Condensed Matter Physics/Chemistry, Geo/Planetary Sciences, Applied Mathematics, Materials Theory/Computation, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, etc.) at these institutions are addressing exciting scientific challenges.

The Institute for Shock Physics encourages partnerships involving researchers from national laboratories to address scientific challenges related to the understanding of materials under extreme conditions. To date, the Institute has had excellent scientific interactions with all three NNSA Laboratories (Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos, and Sandia.  Partnerships are also in place with DoD Laboratories.

For more information about the Academic Partners, please visit the following links.

For more information about the NNSA and DoD Laboratories, please visit the following links.

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NIF Target Area (LLNL Photo NIF-1209-18050)