Static High Pressure Facilities

Representative experimental techniques used in the Static High Pressure Laboratory include:

  • High Pressure Membrane Diamond Anvil Cells, developed by Dr. Choong-Shik Yoo while at LLNL, capable of achieving pressures exceeding 300 GPa.  Resistive heating elements have been adapted for these cells to achieve temperatures exceeding 1000º C.
  • Laser Heating, using a fiber-coupled CW diode laser and optical pyrometer, to achieve temperatures of several thousand Kelvin.  This temperature range is necessary to bridge the regimes of static and dynamic experiments.
  • Large Volume Press that is custom designed using large flat diamond anvils for in-situ optical/spectroscopic and laser-heating investigations.
  • Optical Spectroscopy, such as micro-Raman, emission, absorption, and Impulse Stimulated Light Scattering (ISLS).