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Washington State University Institute for Shock Physics

Research Staff

Argonne, IL

Amar Bhagwat

Laser / Optical Physicist

(630) 252-7952

Pinaki Das

DCS X-ray Scientist

(630) 252-8223

Ray Gunawidjaja

DCS X-ray Scientist

(630) 252-7563

Peter Kwiecinski

Research Operations Engineer/Impact Facilities

(630) 252-3249

Yuelin Li

DCS X-ray Physicist/Adjunct Faculty

(630) 252-7214

Pritha Renganathan

Research Associate

(630) 252-7469

Drew Rickerson

DCS Operations Engineer/Impact Facilities

(630) 252-9815

  • Operation and maintenance of the impact facilities
  • Design and assembly of experimental components and equipment

Adam Schuman

DCS Research Engineer/DCS Safety Coordinator

(630) 252-6458

  • Assistance for DCS users in data acquisition and analysis
  • Research, assembly, and maintainenance of DCS optical instrumentation and x-ray detector systems

Nicholas Sinclair

DCS Associate Manager and Detector/Laser Physicist

(630) 252-3249

  • Development and maintenance of optical metrology systems for data acquisition and experimental diagnostics
  • Assistance for DCS users in experimental set-up and data acquisition

Xiaoming Wang

DCS Laser Physicist

(630) 252-9870

  • Studies laser-matter interactions under extreme conditions

Robert Zill

DCS Research Operations Engineer/Impact Facilities

(630) 252-9870