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Washington State University
Washington State University Institute for Shock Physics

Dynamic Compression Summer School (DCSS)

Understanding Materials at Extreme Conditions

The Dynamic Compression Summer School has been established to provide an overview of dynamic compression science appropriate for upper-level undergraduates and first-year graduate students. The four-days of lectures, discussion, and a tour will introduce students to the scientific fundamentals, broad scientific applications, and career opportunities within this vital, diverse and challenging field.

The program includes an introduction to the many opportunities related to the study of material response under extreme conditions.

The summer school aims to strengthen ongoing interest and to enhance the long-term intellectual vitality of dynamic compression research. We encourage exceptional applicants with a desire to pursue a career or advanced degree, and who would contribute to the development, implementation and deployment of such technologies in practice.

What is Dynamic Compression Science?

Dynamic compression experiments subject materials to unique conditions – very large compressions, high temperatures, and large deformations – on short time scales resulting in a rich array of physical and chemical changes. Understanding the material response at these extreme conditions is of central importance to fundamental science and spans the disciplines of physics, chemistry, materials science, solid mechanics, planetary sciences, and applied mathematics.

Program support includes housing, meals, and a stipend for transportation costs.

Please continue to check back for news about the next DCSS.



Location: Dynamic Compression Sector, Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory,
Argonne, IL