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Washington State University
Washington State University Institute for Shock Physics

Theory and Computations

Computational/theoretical research complements the experimental effort at the Institute for Shock Physics.

Research activities that take advantage of ISP’s computational facility include:

  • Continuum and mesoscale simulations
  • First-principles calculations
  • Large-scale molecular dynamics simulations (Sandia National Laboratories collaboration)
  • Mesoscale simulations of sand penetration
  • Chemical reactions in energetic materials
  • First-principles based materials discovery and design
  • Simulations of interfacial dynamics

High Performance Computers Include:

IBM Cluster – e1350

  • 64 compute nodes, with 2 dual core Xeon Processors
    on each node (3.0 GHz, 4 MB, L2 Cache)
  • 80 x 12-core AMD 6174 Processors with 40 gbps Infiniband®
  • 8 TB GPFS Shared Data Drive
  • Infiniband® non-blocking 20 gbps switch
  • Separate data storage and management nodes

Photo Credits

NIF Target Capsule (LLNL Photo NIF-1209-18046)